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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ramen and Easter

I promised to make dinner if my significant other found the eggs, so...Continuing with the theme of Easter and the celebration of rebirth and new beginnings,I reinvented a store bought Ramen into liquid gold! I only used what he had in the house and luckily he loves to cook, so...

"NO! Ramen Packets? That's Sacrilege! How could you eat that abomination!"

And I agree. Prepackaged ramen is dead to me. But If there was ever a time to believe in rising things from the dead, Easter is the time.

Being the Ramen lover I am, I promise you all I will do a post about making it from scratch  (You will not be disappointed ;3).

Now, here's how I did it.(Short and sweet as possible.)

3/4 lb Pork Belly
1 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp Olive Oil (save the left over oil)
1/4 Red Onion (no green onions)
3 tbsp ground Ginger
1c Water
1/2c Soy sauce
1/3 c Beer (I didn't know I was getting surprised with sake until after I substituted it..Both were great together)
1/3 c Sake
3 tbsp Brown Sugar
1 tbsp White Sugar
1 tbsp Mirin (I'd add more but he was out)

 Salt the pork, set it aside and place olive oil in a sauteed pan.

In a separate Sauce pot, one that you would boil water in or something with a deep side, place the rest of the ingredients. Mix and let it hang out there. She'll be back in the picture.

Roll the meat, like you were rolling up a Katamari. Or bubble tape. Depending on how thick, or how long, it should like a beautiful swiss roll. Mmmm..I gotta make that... The Fat must be on the outside.

Once rolled, tie the twine around it to hold it in place. I like to roll mine parallel to the twine and slide it under. Or use the twine to assist in the circle.

Turn on the Saute pan to high.  Get some thongs. It's bout to get real.

Once the pan is hot, place the meat in, fat side gets cooked first. Char the fat on the outside. Then you can turn to the ends. Char them as well. Nice and golden brown. About 10 minuets each side, I rotated them because I didn't want them to burn, either is fine.

Once seared, place into the deep sauce pot ( told you she'd be back), and turn it on HI till it boils.

While you are waiting for that, take a lid that's smaller than the sauce pan and cover it in aluminum foil.
Place that on top of the meat. You're making an Otoshibuta, You can find detailed more info HERE.  

Once it's boiling, bring the temperature down so a simmer. It will be ready in a hour, or until the sauce reduces to 1/4" thick. Turn it ever 15-20 minuets, every side should have a chance to be on the bottom.

4c Water
1/2 c Soy Sauce/Citrus Ponzu
1/4 c Oyster Sauce
5 garlic wedges, smashed and minced
2 Tblsp crushed ginger
1/2 c sauteed pork fat
1 tsp Chili paste
Dried Herbs
2Flavor packet sets (this one came with seasoning and 'liquid flavor')

I boiled the water and the pork fat first.  Added the soy sauce, or ponzu works too, I had both so I mixed it. Then the Oyster sauce along with the garlic and ginger. Then I added the flavor packets. It needed some kick so in came the chili paste, and if you need it to be less salty, add more ginger. I also used a mixture of dried herbs,which were Garlic, Parley, and some sunflower oil. I let that boil for 10-20 minuets, not keeping it too high, round med-hi.

Now for sides. Let it do it's jam.

3 tbsp olive oil
Left over Oil from Chashu Searing
1/2 clove of Garlic, smashed, chopped

Saute garlic on Medium-Low until garlic is brown and crispy. Strain the garlic mixture, into a little bowl. Put the oil into another.

At this point, it was time to boil the ramen. I added a bit of olive oil so they wouldn't stick together. About 10 minuets.

Next, I sauteed some left over veggies in some salt n pepper, and a lil oyster sauce. We had Red onions, green beans, asparagus and mushrooms. I did them separate and put them into bowls like when you're at the shop.

Take the Sauce pan with the broth off the heat. Strain out all the large goodies, and fats, place them into a separate 'lil bowl and the broth in a large bowl or pot. Place brother (liquid gold) in the oven and cover to keep temp, or back on the eye.

Now its time to put it all together. 

 Take out the meat, make sure its seared and covered in goodness.
Slice thinly around the twine and remove when necessary. IF it doesn't stay, its okay. It's still delicious.

Portion out the liquid gold broth.

Strain the Ramen and separate into broth.

Lay the pork on top and serve. Add veggies as desired.



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