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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lemon Swiss Roll

        Swiss Rolls are a beautiful and simple dessert, but one that takes a bit of skill and know how. I was all pumped to make one and I must say, when you get a good roll, you get a good roll. I'll share my techniques and pitfalls...but just with you since y'all so sweet ;)

         I feel like Swiss rolls have been following me since my brother's wedding weeks ago (I'll have to show you photos later, cause it was Alice and Wonderland Themed <3 <3 <3).  I was staying with my mom and we were watching some baking show.Out of the blue, the lady chef pulls out a Swiss Roll. Like, it was a 'farm to table' idea of show and she was in The South, making all kinds of hash and beans, but out rolls this Swiss Roll. But all I could think was...Great British Baking Show?

       So, of course, I go re-watch the GBBS.  So OF COURSE the first episode was Swiss Rolls and how could I have forgotten it, especially since they have such good recipes! I watched for techniques and began to think of flavors.  My desire of rolls was rising and I have limited ability to focus on one sweet, so I needed to get this done before the inspiration passed. I raided the pantry and found lemon extract and orange marmalade. It was like a sign from the heavens! Without Further Ado...Here's my recipe for:




3 Eggs, room temperature
85g/ 1/3 cup Caster Sugar (or Ground Granulated Sugar)
1 Tblsp Lemon Extract (or zest of half a lemon)
85g/ 1/3 cup Flour

First of all, if you don't have Caster Sugar, grind some granulated sugar in a Magic Bullet or a mortar and pestle. (Or just use powdered sugar, though it's just not the same :( )

Secondly, sift your Flour. It will be easier down the road.

Grease a 10.5x16in tray in butter(or oil) then line it with parchment paper. A small banking pan with an edge will do too. Once lined, grease it again so you got this double grease thing going on ;). Preheat the oven for 425F

Next, combine Eggs, Sugar, and Lemon Extract to a bowl. Whisk until light, fluffy, thick , and yet leaves a slow train when lifted. The most difficult part here is being patient for the eggs to fluff, 3-5 minutes feels like a lifetime when you are waiting for something delicious...

{You can also use egg whites. There are several recipes out there that support this notion. I chose to use the whole egg because I wanted to see how it turned out, plus its more common.  I'll make another one egg yolks and we'll just see...}

Then, fold Flour in gently. You worked so hard on the air in the egg mixture, you don't want to lose that! The Flour may seem like it will never in corporate fully, but since it's sifted, it will be easier. Again, Be careful.

Once well mixed and smooth, pour the batter into the pan. Try not to pour in more than 3/4 IN deep. You want it to be an even mix of cake and cream, and it makes it easier to roll.

Bake at 425F for 7-10 minuets.

As soon as this bad boy is out of the oven, get to rolling. You don't want to burn your hands but the sooner the cake is rolled, the easier your life will be (And that's saying somethin').

Lay down a piece of parchment or a tea towel. Dust in Caster Sugar, Powdered Sugar or even Cocoa Powder. Flip the cake out gently on to the dusted parchment and peel off the parchment from the pan, which should be on top.

That dusted parchment bout to be really helpful in a min...

You'll want to make a small incision along the width (smallest side), about 1/4" from the edge. This cut should not be deeper than half the height of the cake. Just a small incision along the shorter side. This little incision will make the first roll easier and reduce cracks (You can try it without, I did, just be delicate. You could also but a small dial rod here).  

Dust caster sugar on the cake, then begin your roll. Roll away from you and use the bottom parchment to assist the roll, while you peel it off, pulling upward. Take your time. When finished, set the roll aside and cover with cloth.

Now it's time for TOPPINGS!!!!! 

I'm So STOKED.                                                 

I bought this Orange Marmalade a while back. It's fantastic to say the least.  Its small batch, few ingredients and tastes homemade. The candied orange peels add a great texture too. You are more than welcome to make your own and I'd also be happy to show you how at another time. This being said, I warmed my marmalade up a bit in the microwave(20 seconds) just to make it easier to spread but not hot enough to melt the whipped cream we're gonna make right now. 


1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Tbsp Agave/Honey -more to taste
1 Tbsp Powdered (optional, if you want it sweet and a thick...)

Whip the Heavy Cream on high until the liquid begins to cream and thicken a bit. About 3 minutes, but really you are looking for the texture of marshmallow cream. Then add the Agave and Sugar. The Sugar will strengthen the whipped cream, so once it's whipped, it stays set longer.   

Next, whip again on Medium until stiff peaks form and the mixture resembles soft peaks, but springs firmly to the touch.  It should be within a minute. You know what whipped cream looks like( like cool whip) so stop right there. Don't let it become chunky(like air canned whipped cream), then it's over whipped.  It should be light of fluffy.

Once finished, you have two options depending on how you want to decorate.

One. Separate your topping and filling by carefully spooning them both into their own ziplock or pastry bag. This way you can spoon and spread your filling on, while saving your piping skills for the outside. You can pre-decide if you want more filling or more topping by your portioning.

Two. Place all your whipped cream in the pastry/ziplock bag. This way you can precisely pipe the filling inside and the decoration outside. Basically, you commit to deciding your portions later.

 Once you decided, make your move and put everything into the fridge. Fresh whipped cream can be very delicate, so it's just easier to work with after it's been in the fridge. And we'll really want to keep it firm for the roll. 

Get out your Katamari's its time to ROLL this up into your life...

First, lay out your tea towel, or parchment. Then unroll the sponge on top of it. It should be cool by now so be careful an gentle. 

Spread the warm Orange Marmalade over the cake, leaving 1/2" margin/seam allowance/space around the edge.
Take out your Whipped Cream for the filling. Spread or pipe over the Marmalade (snip your bag with a 1/4 " hole). Leaving the edges un-touched. We don't want spillage. 

Then Roll. Try to keep it tight, but know, it's gonna roll a little faster than you think, so take it slow and try to be precise.  The end of the roll should be the bottom, so where ever you are, take the roll and turn it until the end of the roll sits on the bottom. 

Now it's time to decorate!!!

I love powered sugar. It is like, the holy grail that makes everything pretty. Dust this on your roll and all your cracks will be gone (sorta)! Your plate will look polished tho! You will fool everyone into thinking you are a magician or a mage, forging base materials into epic spells of sweetness!!!

SO...Dust your roll with powder sugar. You can use a sifter or a strainer or your fingers for a sprinkle effect.(strainer/sifter works best and evenly).

Take out your Whipped Cream Topping, cut the tip off the bag (If you haven't already), and get to Piping. I used a piping nozzle and came up with this.

I am pretty proud of myself. 
My personal grade:  B.

      A longer pan would be useful or pouring less batter in. This way the cake is less thick and harder to crack. I definitely should make the incision while the cake is warmer and roll it as soon as it was out of the oven. That caused the cracks. I got trapped making fillings and the cake cooled. The best way to avoid that, is make the fillings first, then the cake. Whipped cream can chill in the fridge for hours and you can warm the marmalade anytime.
I am always looking for ways to improve and I hope you are too!

       If you see anything you like, you can always pre-order  below or shoot me an email!

 Look out for me at Montery Park's Cherry Blossom Festival! 

~~I look forward to baking with you all again!~~

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