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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Eggs and Ramen

When I think of Easter Eggs, I immediately think of Video Games?
However, in this case, I was dreaming of rainbow eggs and making an Easter of Childlike proportions!

I woke up on Easter and had an amazing morning.
A Zombie Run (its an awesome app) 5K, some yoga, attended an interfaith service. I had the makings of a good and solid Easter. But something was missing...Eggs...Lots of eggs.  I thought, where can I make a basket and get some eggs to surprise my significant other on a budget.

Well the 99 cent store of course! I learned the trade in college, hunting for quality items hidden among the shelves. I needed a basket, some candies, plastic eggs, real eggs and dye.STAT.

When I got there, it was the most calm ' I need to do this now cause I am a last minute person' rush I have ever seen. Like, I thought it would be bare bones and madness. Apparently, the 99cent store was THE Place To Be, if you were smart. No pushing, excellent service, people moved when you said excuse me. Like, okay, no one is having a panic attack and there is enough for everyone. I thought I was going to have to hunt beast style, So I was quite surprised.

Then I found this guy. I was pretty hyped on it cause it came with dunking cups.

So I snagged it and realized I needed fresh eggs (You think I would have thought of these, but I had planned to go to the grocery for them so I wasn't thinking about it. And it has been a MINUTE since I dyed egg). So I saw they had a dozen fresh in the back (For $1.99) and since we probably weren't going to eat them, I thought "What the hey! Lets get them here!" (I just love me some cage-free,organic grain-fed eggs...)

The bae is not into chocolate, so I was on the hunt for sugar based sweets. I need a mix of sour,sweet, spicy,gummy,caramel-y, or marshmallow.
Just to clarify, the candy isle is ridiculous. There are so many legit candies. I mean, they had Runts and Tamarind sticks. I was DONE.
I got a salty snack to balance the sweets and was finished. My total of 13 items came to $15 and I convinced myself  this was the makings of a good mother.

After my haul, I packed everything up and of course he wakes up as soon as I get home. So I send him out to get me some sparkling water and snacks. He genuinely dose this with a smile within 5 minuets of waking up. I was floored, because it was the nicest, no nonsense thing that any one has done that early in the AM for me. My heart broke a bit, but I managed. As soon as the door closed I popped open every plastic egg and I went to town. I stuffed the eggs with candy and began hiding them all over his apartment. I threw together a basket and wrote him a note explaining I'd make dinner if he found all 12 eggs.

He got 7 and I assisted in the last 5...He loved my hiding spots and enjoyed watching him look over and over again next to the spice rack.

We dyed eggs together and he started making them multicolored. They turned out so beautiful.

I just figured to keep them on display until we needed it.

We then played a board game called Zombies!!!...for reasons.

The End.

"Now Wait a second! You a said you'd cook if he found the eggs! I want the food!!"

Right right, Just kidding. Wouldn't leave you hanging.

Next Time on Ashi-Chan Z...!

 It all started with some Ramen packets...
"NO! Ramen Packets? That's Sacrilege! How could you eat that abomination!"

Tune in Next Week.

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