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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Journey to Harajuku Day in LA!

We all knew this day would come. I would hold true to my word and bring you...(drum roll please) Harajuku Fashion!
I know I have been focusing on food, so I wanted to break it up with some fashion (the blog DOES say, Food.Anime.Cosplay). Though Harajuku fashion isn't cosplay,but a fashion choice, I wanted to share my journey to Harajuku Day in Los Angeles!!

For those of you who don't know, Harajuku fashion is attire found in the Harajuku district in Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan. It covers a multitude of styles, but usually involves an array of colors, layers, with an aesthetic  or theme. I think of my friend Sara that said

 " Just cute sh*t on top of cute sh*t. You can never have too much kawaii!"  

The style was coined 'Harajuku' because these fashionistas would just show up, unannounced, to the Harajuku district and congregate in its alley of shops. Now it's a famous tourist spot of shops, kawaii food (like parfaits), activities (like Purikura) and a meeting grounds for  Harajuku fashion icons (or just cool people). Harakjuku is a blanketed category of fashion that includes many subcultures like Decora and Ganguro. So even if it doesn't puke rainbows, If its worn in Harajuku,Tokyo,Japan, it counts. Got it? Good:)

And so my story begins...

I have always loved Harajuku Fashion, even when I didn't know exactly what it was. When I was in High School, my brother introduced me to Mini Moni and Morning Musume. He showed me people dressed in Harajuku, and told me "you should do Ganguro. You won't have to tan or anything! You like rainbows and islands..."   I was intrigued. Fast forward to college and I am standing inside Otakon with my two best friends, who also happened to be Black and shared my same skin tone, dressed in Ganguro style to surprise my brother. He had no idea why I scheduled to meet him, so when he turned the corner and saw us, he covered his mouth and kept squwating like he was on the cover of a 90s rap album. Laughter and joy ensued. Several older Japanese men saw us and had a similar reaction of disbelief and knowing. As for my brother, I love him. He Is reason I am nerd. 

So when I went to Japan 2 years ago, dressed in my favorite colors (Pale pink, yellow and green) and stood on the Harajuku bridge looking for cosplayers, I found the HarajukuKids instead. They said

 " Look at you! You are one of us, so join us!" 

We had a picnic and watched the cherry blossoms together. They took photos and I even got complimented on my outfit. I'M so Cute?!ME?Coming from YOU Queens (and Kings)? It. Was. Glorious. That day, the Harajuku Goddessess spoke to me and welcomed me into their Kingdom. I was witnessed.

Fast forward to present day, I find myself at Harajuku Day Hosted by my GUURL Audra for NHK's Kawaii International (We had an opportunity to work on MyxTv's The Doll Life together).  

Harajuku Day was such a wonderful event. I got there just in time for the photo shoot and video. 

It was wonderful to see such creative outfits and I almost could not handle myself from having kawaii giggles. 

I even found another girl with an afro...Hers was purple and pink. 


Alas, my fave photos from the day =3


~ What a Lovely Day!~

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