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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dear Nicki Minaj,
    You are awesome.
Dear Drunk Men,
     You are not.

Last night, a few members of my cast and I decided to go out and enjoy the festivities down stairs at the local tavern. I, having just bought a new pink wig (The old one was ruined by cosplay...), decided to wear it out.  I wore it to the show and during it, and Ive been thinking of making the full switch to Loli in all aspects of life anyway, so I was having a great night. Compliments and friends, it was awesome!

Until the NerdOff

Now...I dunno if this has happened to you yet, but if ur a Nerd, it will. I walked to the local tavern and saw a girl with PURPLE hair. I. Was. Excited.  She was not... This was the exchange:

"I like your hair"--Purp
"Oh, Thank you. I like yours too!...I like your bag."--me
"Thanks...My mom got it for me...Its from the Harajuku Lovers line by Gwen Steffani" (Turn away to get her wallet)--Purp

For one, I KNOW. And two....Really?!

She A. assumed I was just some black girl who probably liked Nicki a little too much (since I was in normal club attire)) and had no idea the origins of her purse let a lone, her Nintendo wallet ant Sweet Lolita bow.
Or B. Thought she was going to be the only girl with rainbow colored hair, and got jealous.

See, though Nerds are often outcasted by society and it would seem that meeting another one would be a joyful experience.  However, Nerds HATE Posers. We have become a proud clan. A clan that has been beaten out of lunch money and appeared invisible to their peers. We have come a long way to have The Scott Pilgrim phenomenon, and we don't like it when people jump on board and can only talk of Akira and Spirited Away (We still love you~Miyazaki). A respect must be earned,  like when ridding a hippogriph. So, when you meet a new Nerd, you gotta some how test 'em. And at the same time, you don't wanna get shown-up.

So, miss purple took a look at me and assumed I wasn't as big a nerd as her, and the classic patronizing began. "Its from Harajuku Lovers..."
The appropriate NerdOff response could have been: " Yeah, the concert was awesome! Thats where I got mine" Complete 1-UP.  But, instead she turned away from me and moved on.

Nerdies! Stop! Love each other. Has it come to this! In a Tavern?! This is the one place where elves and druids of the like can forget their differences and hang out.  Lets take the holidays as a time to welcome each other with open arms.
One Nerd. One Love!

1 comment:

  1. Aww! I know what you mean!!! I'm the one who gets too excited to see the NerdOff's until it's too late~ *shrug*

    One Love, YES!!