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Monday, January 10, 2011

Anime Los Angeles!!!!!

Hello all!
    As the holiday season winds down and our lives come back into play, there is still time for one More escape, Anime Los Angeles!! And I must say, after my computer was lost on American Airlines, I am very happy to type where ever I can now.  So, with out further delay, here is  your con-teaser till  the end of the week.

     ALA was Lovely!  I got off the bus into the warm sun, looking at the tall Marriot building in the distance. A little unsure I was going to find the right entrance, I walked along stumbling upon traces of petticoats, swords, and rainbow hair...I'm in the right place. 
     The first cosplayer I see is always my favorite. It fills me with joy to watch others enjoying the artistic work of cosplay...and having fun! This group was from an anime I did not recognize, but I smiled and knew that the anime goodness was upon us all. Walking up the valet cave, there were adventerers of all kinds!  Zabuza emploring Naruto to hold his sword while he searched for valet fare, a Loli clutching a giant octopus escorted by a photographer, Several pokemon trainers enjoying sea-salt icecream bars n pocky as they waited for their car.....

To. Be.

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