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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ashi_Chan interViews...Ejen Chuang

As the convention pics and videos make a sweet n spicy stew inside my already struggling netbook, Lappy, I wanted to give you all a little taste of whats to come:

I slipped into the Dealers Room, sans badge, and was immediately confronted by a giant green walking monster with arms open wide.

I instinctively hugged it.

I turn a corner or two and there he is EJEN CHUANG in all his cosplay nerdy glory.  I wasn't aware of the awesomeness of the situation at first. I've heard of and seen the book Cosplay in America many a time, but when a fellow con-goer said "I really love your work" and I heard an audible thank you...

I had a fangirl moment.

Then he pleasantly agreed to do an interview with me.

With the Jrock table, adjacent, in all its musical glory, here is Ejen Chuang!

You can find him at as well as twitter, facbook, and myspace

Ejen was fun and awesome to work with.  Its great to see other artists taking courageous strides in their work. I created interViews in an attempt to reach other to other artist and enter their art from their point of view. A chance for others to see not just how but why they to do their art.
Long live and prosper fellow Artistes!

If you'd like to see the outtakes, hear the nerdvoice escape, and Ejen crakin jokes on me, Follow this blog for exclusive pics, vids and more!

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