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Sunday, November 14, 2010

PMX! What chu want!

The Pacific Media Expo!!!! What an adventure today was! Because of the smaller nature of this con, I got a chance to walk right up and talk to, well, just about  anybody.  I met many artists, at different stages of their careers, and got to just hang and chat with others making it out there, just like me. Making their dreams into reality. It was beautiful. I met some lovely fellow Lolis , beautiful Otakus, and Amazing Artists!

I took alot of pictures and lots of Video, so you can see what the end of the con was like, how everyone ended up there, costume insights, and if they'd attend PMX again. I learned some art secrets from kawaii artist Miki L  Also, I got a j-rock accompianed chat with cosplay photogropher Ejen Chuang (Cosplay in America). He was super cool and he made me wish I went with more money. 

Did I mention they had wigs on sale. 

Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, and many hot others were at the Fashion Boutique and there were still artists slowly deconstructing as I walked in to Artists Alley.  The Pocky tasting was still open, and there was a Rilakkuma salesman chatting away with customers. This is the End of an Anime Convention. All wrapped up and not yet ready to go...

So come along, and join me for : The After Con Blues (post-con news)

See you soon!
Ja ne!


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