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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TKO! Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary @iam8bit

I knew this day was coming.  I saw it online and was all kinds of excited....I just wasn't sure what to wear!

I AM 8 BIT Presents 25 Years Of Street Fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days before, Ginger, from Chocolate Covered Cosplay, sent us a message on Facebook: 
"Would anyone be interested in writing an article for Nerd Caliber?"

We started collaborating with Nerd Caliber because I saw an article they had about Black Cosplayers months ago. It was very in depth and discussed many things we of C3 have been discussing, race in cosplay and cosplaying whatever one wants. So I emailed NC and told them about us and ever since then, we have seen more Black Nerd articles and NC has been all over our FB page. 

Anyways, they apparently sent us an email asking for us to cover the iam8bit show, as they were not located in LA, but heard so many good things about the event leading up to, they asked if we wanted to cover it.



Cool right? I get to celebrate Street Fighter and write an article and go as press this time( I even suggested I'd make a video) and then I thought:

 I need to get a cosplay together

After looking online, mind you I have NO Street Fighter Costumes, I narrowed it down to two:

Poison and Crimson Viper.

Both were sexy, in their own way, but I just couldn't make up my mind, so I of course turned to the one true space of truth and suggestions: Facebook.

Within 10 minuets I got enough responses to make an educated decision. It was clear, the men wanted me to be Poison and the ladies wanted Viper....I picked Viper ;p (plus she had more votes and clothes)

I show up to the event, all Vipered out (Totally my Nariko wig and a business suit) and got to walk right pass the block and a half line to the press table. Told them I was from Chocolate Covered Cosplay and reporting for Nerd Caliber and VOILA ! I'm in.  Of course not after saying hello to  Jon who runs iam8bit and getting my picture taken by their resident photographer ;3

I passed security and immediately got to work ( I was ready to take footage and notes!). And by got to work, I mean get my picture taken by everyone and get interviewed myself. It was crazy, I was hoping to interview others, but it ended up that I was getting interviewed lol.  

Eventually, I got some time to myself, and I started filming, taking notes, ect. 

I ran into many other geek industry people, such as Sean Cardeno from Mochibytes, John from Nerd Reactor, and  The Photographer Shannon from LA Weekly/Meltdown Comics.  

Such a lovely evening! 

When Ginger showed up, we made sweet sweet wife love all over the floor. (Which is hugs and nuzzles, sickos)

 The DJ was KILLING IT and so was the free drinks. 

OH Dear.

We has such an amazing time!!!!! 

So ALAS. The moment you have been waiting for.....


Nerd Caliber was very happy with the work. I am sure there will be much more of us on Nerd

Sleep well kiddies!!

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