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Thursday, August 16, 2012

IF you didn't know...

I am a host for Anime Expo Live and next week will be my first show!!! 


So this week, come and like my Facebook page, AXLive's page, Chocolate Covered Cosplay's Page, and my Twitter @ashi_chan in anticipation. I am spreading the word.

Trust me, totally worth it.

The more people we have on our page the more chance of a sponsor for AXLive will be and then we can give you more awesomeness. SO. What are you waiting for?! They are giving out a FREE ANIME EXPO BADGE Each week, so its kinda a big deal.

Next week I will be having a segment on Chocolate Covered Cosplay (it totally has to get approved) and we will be discussing diversity in con culture. Featuring one of our C3 members and then branching out from there! This could be you in a few weeks ;)

We go live on Thursdays at 7pm.
 You can watch the show at: 

This week There will be talks of the new upcoming anime and a mention for Animegacon, as C3 will be going and presenting a panel. I will be making a little video for AX and C3so, it looks like, lots of work!


Did you know I am making costumes for Yuri Lowenthal's webseries "Off The Shelf" ?
Also something to check out.  He's rad, and so it the show.

See you all Thursday

1 comment:

  1. HIIII Ashiford

    Funny, I'm going to Las Vegas but after Animegacon lol. . .Good luck wish you all the best. Can't wait to tune in. Wow I need pay more attention to voice over actors. . . your doing a costume for him freakn' awesome.