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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CON @ Work

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but...I believe there are nerds-a-foot at my job. And like not my coworkers but my bosses and guests. Its awesome. I have had full discussions on super-hero children cosplay, tri-force tattoos, and how to get into Comic-Con.

Today was particularly special.

I was getting a latte from the 'starbucks' and I see a girl in a purple shirt. I look to her collar and its TOTALLY Blizzard. So, I gotta compliment, ya know:

"I like your shirt"
"OH?" (she's French <3)
""Totally" lol " Thats awesome"
"Thank you, I got it at a convention"
"Are you here for comic con?"
"I WISH I was. But we are leaving soon. I want to though. In France, I was just at the 25 year anniversary of Zelda! It was super cool , they had Sonic celebrating too."
"Sweet! That's SO Awesome! I just got from Anime expo myself"
"Ahh!...Did you Cosplay? "  <this is where I could no long contain the joy. Chatting about cosplay with someone outside the US and not from Asia, was like blowing my mind>
"Wha? Yes! I did some Japanese Street fashion and a Poison Ivy ball gown. "
"Oooo! No way. Pretty"
"Ya, it was super cool"

Awesome to meet yous were passed and then they left giggily chatting to her family. I almost busted out the French but I was so excited.....

    Its just amazing how cosplay and nerd culture can bring people together ALL over the world. The melding of Japanese culture and everything else nerd-tastic. Amazing. There is such an amazing community out there and I am comforted know we can all be apart of it.

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