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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AX Success!!!

I short,
I gave my business card to someone from G4TV.
I interviewed hundreds of cosplayers on camera, and will be making my reel out of that.
I received the AX Pop Shock Masquerade Fan Favorite and won $100
I Wish My Life Was A RPG was a HUGE Success! People had to stand along the sides!  It was also recorded by Cosplayer Nation and Conji TV.
Chocolate Covered Cosplay received Three Interviews. Conji TV, CP Nation, and LA WEEKLY.
We were photo graphed by Mike Rollerson 
Danced for Hours on's Live Stream of Anime Expo.

     Overall. WOW. It was amazing being Industry this time. I didn't get too many perks but the Fans are where its at! I saw all the people I love and those who support what I do. I meet even more people who recognized me and knew what ' I Wish My Life Was a RPG" Was.  I got on the Nokia Stage and someone yelled it out of the crowd. I met with Crunchroll and hopefully it will develop into a hosting position ;) In San Francisco...!

I believe that everything starts here with the Fans. They are your friends and family, treat everyone with respect, because you never know. Ya know? The love and support is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for a world. You all make my life .


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