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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sakura-CooooOOOH MY GOSH! It was awesome....!! (Berryz Kobo)

For those of you who didn't know, I was in Section

9 this year at SakuraCon. It was awesome. yes, I

know, its in the title, but seriously.  I was escorting

around Berryz Kobo. They were SO Cute. Its

uncontainable. And they were very nice. Also met

6% dokidoki. Equally as awesome. After I asked for their picture, they wanted to take a photo with me, since my outfit was Totally their style ;) Amazing.

Berryz at Opening Ceremonies
    Seattle, the place of trees, food for everyone, mist, and now, Nerds.  I arrived  on Thursday to get my radio, badge, and awesome bag of goodies.  We had a Section 9 meeting, in case you have figured, is our term for Guest Relations Security, and I played PopNMusic and DDR, till I was met by the lovely Olisa.

I spent the next few days Running around for Berryz and exist trace, meeting new friends, networking and playing a lot of PopNMusic (I'm back on 9 button now). Here are my faves from my Cell Phone.

Photo Op before Panel

Berryz Cosplayers, and AWESOME Fans!!!

Zelda and Ganondorf, and that guy..Detailed Cosplay.

So Tall. So Adorable!
Look Ma! I celebrated Easter too!

Kakashi <3<3<3, I mean Kakashi summoning Chidori

Na NA nanananananana na....
Besides having the opportunity to work with all the Artists, I got a complete conformation in what I am living for. I believe, as an artist, there are are many challenges that block us from achieving our goals and destinies.  Be it pessimistic Hollywood-beaten actors, transportation or a society that considers art an expendable elective; Ourselves are the only thing standing in our way. We must, allow ourselves to get out of the way of our own success. There are days I know, the reason I missed an audition is because I didn't get the directions the night before. I Know, the reason I am not working right now is because I haven't submitted. I KNOW all the casting directors  who work in the nerd industry, but I'd rather not pester them...It is ME. Its is YOU. We keep our dreams at bay, sometimes because we feel we don't deserve them...But find that light within you and continue to be your own personal cheerleader, b/c one day, honey, Rah rah rah may just get you in the door.

Of all the artists I met at Sakuracon,  6% doki doki inspired me the most. They have had their company for 4 years. 4! And here they are jumping to America and selling to their already committed fans. Its Amazing to see someone who started at MY age, and made it

I believe in you all! Make your dreams come true, turn them into Reality. You already know how, just reach out and grab your blessing. Its there.
Waiting for its moment to be free

"Blackbird, Fly
    Blackbird  Fly"

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