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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Anime Conji

Random and perfect. Ash found a Bulbasaur

Gotta Catch em all!
Let me say this, OH MY GOODNESS! What an Amazing weekend. I had one of the best cons of my Life.  I went to San Diego for the first time with no one I knew but my few email contacts and I came to find an amazing community full of great people and many budding life long friends.

 I have been living in LA for a few months now and was looking for the con goers and cool kids.  The people I didn't have to explain +10, or why I Wish my life was an RPG. We are perfectly in tune and in sync. It seemed that those who were at this convention were super committed to con going and were going from 4 to 14  cons a year! Fantastic!
    My convention started on day ZERO of the con.  I had just gotten some of the best oyster shooters I've had, down in Old Town, and I wanted to check the space and work a bit on my performance .  I met up with Darryl and he showed me around the convention. A met the staff, went over logistics of picking up my badge the next day, told jokes, and got work done.


Three Words:  Mochi Maid Cafe

We couldn't take pictures but  at the end, This is Me Greg and Our mini Maid Haru.  She was so cute and the Best! Also, If you haven't heard, their Curry was off the HOOK.

I Wish My Life Was an RPG
  The show went quite well!  Greg ended up stepping in to run the sound for my show and it was a success.
     If you did not know, the show is about me going inside and outside of the RPG world to confront Black stereotypes that are constricting to just being who I really am. Through movement, poetry, prose, and rap I explore my inner demons and find Pride in myself as an African-American and Nerd.
   A little History: My Fall Senior Semester at Virginia Commonwealth University, I took a Solo Performance class, in which I devised the first 12 minuets of I Wish My Life...I Took it to Katsucon 2010 and received amazing reviews! People loved it, and wanted to talk more about the struggles and trials we as nerds and gamers have with the RL world and in our own community. The open dialogue was great. We covered, topics such as girl gamers, high schools that made you watch anime, the disillusionment with my own culture, and 360 vs PS3. My most memorable moment was afterward, when a girl came up to me and told me how I inspired her to be proud of her race and stand up to her friends who considered her not Black cause of the things she loved. If I can help one person, I feel I have done my job.  Conji is the second place I presented this piece and I will be doing so again at Fanime, hopefully!

I met several new friends and a Gentleman named Ben, who I shot with on Sunday in my Nariko  Cosplay. (I will post them ASAP). Everyone who came up to me afterwards was just to happy to have witnessed my performance. I have been adding and changing things this past year, and I am up to about 30 mins now. It is still in process, but the work is still solid.  I loved every moment of it.

Fairy Tail Burlesque

The Burlesque show was AMAZING.  We had makeup artists and all the costumes were made by Daisy. Her Boyfriend Chris directed the show and they both run Fairy Tail Burlesque. Daisy works as a costumer in her area. 

Clips from the Burlesque show are coming soon!

We got lots of pictures taken and we all made a good chunk of monies! (It helped me pay for the rest of the con). 

The Fri Post Parties were also Awesome. Thank You Conji Staff!

Saturday, Loli Day!

Pretty much the best day of my life. My Loli was inspired by a farm with a rabbit on it. 

The Loli Tea Party was so much fun!

The colors were my favorite, the teas were really good.  REALLY.  I had the Hummingbird tea and it was the last of that tea in the surrounding areas. The people who make that tea closed. But you can get the rest of their teas at their store.

I ended up winning a prize from Princess Prism. I got several rings, buttons, earrings, two key chains, a note pad, and much more.  I ended up going to her shop in the dealers just so I could buy more of her stuff. I wear my rings everyday.
It was also Voice Actor Day?!  I ran into Julie Rei, John Allen, Steve Racer, and Kyle Herbert who all had their hands in at least one panel.  If you did not know, Kyle holds a skype voice acting workshop and Julie Rei will be performing at The Next Stage Theater This Friday at 9:30, and the next four weeks at 8pm. Come out!

After that is was In N Out with lovely staffers and for Omar n Nick who took a picture of my Lolita. Hanging with Staff and Fans that night , I met an EarthBound Brother
             the Rum Party.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I was awakened with a photo shoot with Ben H in my Naruko costume ( model complimented me) at noon and after that, Ben and I hung out the rest of the day, and I learned a lot about who was who all of the con.  He introduced me to Paula and Annette of PMX, and redyume, and those doing good for Japans relief effort.

Sailor Moon Panel.
As you know, Sailor moon is being re-released in English and they will be re printing
the manga and Sailor V is coming too...Should I do Sailor V or manga Eternal Sailor Moon...
Either way the Panel was awesome, fun and very interesting.  I sat through the whole thing, and that is rare for me anyway.

 Some of my Fave Cosplays


 By the end of the con,
I  could definitely see a sense of community here
I feel so happy to be a part of it.
  I was reminded that as an Artist, I validate myself.  This business will not break me because I will not allow it. Failure and Success are measured by your own standards not the media.  Just cause I am not on HBO right now or at the Oscars, dose not mean I / WE are not successful Artistes.  I believe in you all, and the sooner we believe in each other, the sooner we can rise above the 'rancor and the hate' and transcend into a world of Thriving Artists.

I'll post my Nariko pictures as soon as I get them. Until then, 

Magical Girls  ( *w* )   Lolis


  1. well hi there - i was yoko with the gurren lagann family! thanks so much for including us as some of your favourites - speaking for the group, we're thrilled! do you might if i save the image from here? also, apologies that we're all looking in different directions >.<

  2. Of Course! I am excited you found the page and liked it :) Pass it around!

  3. TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN!!!! OMG I wanted to dress up as Yoko so bad if I ever went to a cosplay event!