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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miss Carlyfornia

Pictures from her Twitter
   Looking for something Victorian, Steampunk, and sushi inspired all wrapped in one? Welcome to the wonderful art of Miss Carlyfornia (Carly Michelle Breslin)!  I came across her table in the Dealers Room and she just caught my heart.  Not only was she one of the most pleasant people to talk to,  all of her work was so well thought out, professional, and clean.  I couldn't decide what to buy!!!
      As a young Loli artist finding her way, she was receiving the usual flack from those who do not understand the beauty of Gothic-Victorian Lolita, mistaking the preservation of innocence for child-ness. As the years rolled by, those doubts grew into love and positivity as the Loli style spread across America and people finally caught on the awesomeness that is Miss  Carlyfornia's work.  Carly never lost faith in her art and developed a strong love for other artists.  Meeting other artists at conventions are her inspiration and fire to keep creating.  "Time and Confidence", she says, is the best way to start working in the business. Surrounding yourself with positive people, staying focused, and making yourself happy.  Artists need Artists to thrive. And what thriving she is doing!
        Everything is hand-made or hand-sewn by Miss Carly herself.  She has been selling and sewing professionally for over six years and all her costumes are all cotton based. You can buy her items online, Facebook, or contact her directly at

 (I decided on the Swiss roll cakes on dinner plate earrings)

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