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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pleasure Faire 2016

*Snniiifff* Ahhh!
 You smell that? Flowers in bloom, warm sunshine, grilled meats, and freshly brewed mead...
Its Renaissance Festival Season!
Here in LA, we have The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA! It's about 15 minutes from Pasadena (or 45 if you hit traffic).

There, all things beautiful are abound. Flower crowns, fresh brewed ale, smoked SAUSAGE, beautiful queens in corsets. You know, all the things I love. However, in this case, I had the joy of enjoying it with Bae!

It was such a beautiful day
It started with the flower crown peddler. He noticed my crown and remembered that I purchased his wares years ago. First smile of the day.
We cruised by the rent-a-weapon  shop and I heard a voice,
"You look stunning!"
(Who was she talking to...)

" Ye  be quite lucky to be with that handsome Man. Ladies of all the land would battle to claim that mountain!"

I gotta say... He's pretty fabulous!

We then stumbled upon the wooden pipes. I had recently purchased a glass Gandolf so I could be a wizard, but I had nowhere to store it, no radiant woodcraft to hold it and display its glory. I had been just thinking of this exact thing, like , how am I gonna make a stand for this? Yet, here it is, made and ready to take home! We'll come back, on our way out. Didn't wan't to carry too much so early...

We turned the corner and lo and behold, I was blessed by a Lady who said she knew me from Chocolate Covered Cosplay and followed our FacebookPage! What a Joy!!! I was so happy to know we were still making a difference. We came together to tell our stories and inspire others, and I love it when that comes back to us in loving people sharing their stories. I asked for a hug and a photo.WE chatted a bit and we separated ways. I hope this moment inspires you to be who you want, do what you want and above all, love yourself!!

After such an
emotional moment, it was time for soothing drink to reflect on the day so far. I point out the tavern with steps and  ordered some lovely mead made from raspberries.  MmmmMM! With a yummy drink like that, what do you think it's time for? 


Throwing sharp weapons! 

Knives. Ninja Stars. Javelins. Oh MY!!

I tried them all. Including a Bow and Arrow. I haven't shot in a while, but I got a few in the center. It was like my Elf Ranger in my heart was coming alive again. The Huntress LIVES!!*Calls to the Mooooooon!* 


So, shopping! If you like homemade wares including butters, oils and lotions, the Pleasure Faire is a great place to stock up. There was handmade soap , which I promptly snagged, and even some sterling silver jewelry which I gave to my mom. (P.s. my Mother's Day care package, looked so Kawaii! I made her some Lemon Shortbread Cookies. Recipe soon ;)

On our way to see the Jousting, there was another  tavern wagon, where ale and other goodies were sold.

 This one had no steps. 

"Step up the bar m'lady and let me get you wet with drink!" Says the Barkeep.

The Pleasure Faire is LIT and has NO CHILL.

Though it was a wagon like the other tavern, it had no steps leading to the bar. So when I walked up to it, the bar serving space was about eye level :( I thought, some counties even  jest that if you can't reach the bar, you can't have a drink.  I was too short to adult...Or so I thought.
Imagine me peeking over a bar, barely seen, asking for a drink. She asks for my ID, like she is supposed to, and then we discuss drinks. I place my forearms on the bar to give me leverage so I can see better. I ask percentages of alcohol, taste, brewing style, and finally, I order a drink based on her recommendation.  Pleased with my choice,  I hop down and await my well deserved adult drink.

The barkeep places the drink down in front/above me. And,without observing my lowered situation, I assume, She says,

"put your lips on thy cup m'lady and I shall have it over flow" 

I cough/laughed. I love the sexy language, but I could barely climb up this thing to order! I looked up at her and she looked down with understanding.  That's when it all seemed hopeless . I won't get the overflow of liquid :( I really wanted it, whatever IT was.

Then, in a moment of pure heroism, Bae, being the mountain of a man that he is, lifted me to the bar.

I placed my lips on the cup and she began to pour more into my drink until it overflowed. 

She yelled "drink more, faster! Dont let the cup runneth over!"
 It became life or death for both of us real quick lol!

It was actually quite fun and I couldn't stop laughing when Bae put me down. I just stood there, face dripping with mead, tiny and wild like baby wolf, giggling. THAT was unexpected!

I may or may not have drank more than half of my original cup.  I just came by to get one drink and left with two. One in my tummy and the other in my hand. Again, Pleasure Faire is LIT.

We took our drinks to the jousting arena and sit down. I had seen a lot that day, so a break was much deserved. It was a joyous show! No photos though, too busy enjoying ourselves.  Afterwards, I talked to a knight ;) 

 And then we got food.

Food. OH Food. My love. My first love. How I will never forget you. Especially cause I have to ingest you 3 times a day. 

The food court was large and diverse. There's Toad in a Hole, Fried Chicken, Greek lamb, Pot Pies, Sweet Pies, Haggis, Tri Tip, Snow Cones, Ice Cream, Gelato, Ribs, Salads... You get my drift. (As you can see, this is not my first time at this Faire.

 But if you know me, you know all I want is Sausage. Kielbasa, knockwurst, bratwurst, smoked, aged. NEED IT.
So, there is a place I love .... cause they have 'Sausage, Cheese, &Bread.'
It is literally a sausage on top of a slice of cheese on top of a slice of bread. That's. It. 





The sausage was thick, had a crispy skin and was juicy inside. The cheese was cut to 1/2" and the bread was a 4"x4"x1"(LWH). Glorious. I only wish I took a photo. I know. I am so sorry. I feel I have failed you.

Sooo... Anyways, After this food demolition, I needed to digest.

We walked around admiring the sights and corsets and Faeries. Next thing I know, I am at place tucked away with long spears and axes. It was a Flag twirlers DREAM. Long pole like objects, just waiting to be tossed. But alas, one can't double-time toss a spear without permission.

 A member of the guild came over to the gathering crowd and gave a demonstration. I asked to try out a staff and he gave me a staff with an axe on it (his mistake. J/K I was safe) and taught me some moves. It was like back in high school, spinning flags in marching band leading the color guard. I still got it!

Afterwards, We spoke long about our love for staffs and within minutes of the end of our conversation, we find ourselves behind the scenes of the Faire talking to the Guild Master. He wanted to recruit me! My HEART was ready, but my schedule at the theatre would not allow it. I work weekends  >n< Oh, my heaarrt...
I walked out of the Guild and wander in search of a way to heal my broken heart. 
Then I saw this Lady Bird, and everything was right in the world. Just, LOOK AT THIS BIRD. Look At It! Why...Why are you so beautiful...?

I love birds. They're hilarious and majestic. I took 20 photos of this bird. But your sake, I'm only sharing 3.

You're Welcome.

Walking around with a new sense of life, I noticed were tons of stages for musicians, magicians and comedians. And by chance, I found my friend singing with her band, Wren of Iniquity. The songs soothed my soul. 

Afterwards, we headed  over to an Irish punk band, that was calling me in the distance. I danced and danced and danced! I love being with humanity and coming together in joy, living in the moment.

Then I wanted to be free...I took my shoes off and danced on the hay, with not a care in the world.

Then the obvious happened.

I stepped on glass and began to bleed.


 Bae ushered me to medical tent. After a few basic health questions, they cleaned it and wrapped it up.

I find the irony of hurting myself when I had not had a drink in hours.I hurt myself sober. What IS that?!

Anyways, at that point, it was 6pm and the Faire was open till 7, so we decided to bid farewell and walked out the side tent where the employees parked. We knew in our hearts, it was time to ride our motor dragon into the sunset (plus we'll beat the exiting traffic).

But you know what?

The day was glorious and full of good food, drink, fun. Even though, in the end,  I never got that display stand for my Gandolf...

This is the LAST WEEKEND for the Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA. You can get tickets HERE.

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