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Friday, February 19, 2016

Rainbow Shortbread at DollDelight Sample Sale.

      GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have been accepted to sell my Shortbread at Dolldelight's Private Sample Sale on the 26th of February in Los Angeles.

       Dolldelight is owned and operated by Cyril Lumboy,  a Filipino-American who is inspired by the Japanese street fashion style, Lolita. I love that she dose her own thing while paying homage to different fashions from all over the world. As one of her models, I enjoy the vibe of sisterhood, diversity, and entrepreneurship.

        So, if you want to stock up on goodies, like Shorbread Cookies and cute clothes from Dolldelight, email us at If you see anything below you want, this is a great opportunity to get it delivered.

        I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful month, can't wait to see you there ;3

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