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Friday, February 18, 2011

Anime on Demand!

Hello Artistes!
I am currently in San Fransisco, soaking up the, well, rain. lol.  Its been raining all Friday and I hear it is going to until tomorrow or Sunday. Hopefully it clears up, but I almost forgot this is how the weather up here.
      As many know, I will be performing a burlesque and teaching a workshop at Anime on Display this weekend! The workshop and performance is called : Cosplay Burlesque. So if you are at the Con and willing to dance after 8, please feel free to sign up near the registration desk.  Everyone will be able to watch, but only a few people will get to perform with me:) I will be wearing a Rilakkuma kigurumi so please stop me and say hello. You can follow my play by play of the con here all weekend.
     My first adventure was to Chinatown.  After being greeted by an unhelpful bus driver, I made my way to the eateries. (My goal in San Fransisco is to eat, EVERYTHING)  I found a place with pork and duck hanging through the windows, dripping in sauce, fat, and glaze. Steamed and fried pork buns, sizzling with the smell of BBQ pork.  There were crisp pork pieces heavily sprinkles on bread and sesame doughnuts. Nuff said. It was all amazing. I over bought, so I think I'll be fine this weekend for eating. I am at my hotel now, getting prepared for tomorrow. since there isn't much else to do, besides eat, till then.

Rain, Rain, Rain.

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